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I. The A’ Education Centre (seat), in Messolonghi (at the junction of the streets Kyprou and Arch. Damaskinou). The building, in which it operates, was granted by the Holy Metropolis of Etolia and Akarnania. This grant was signed by his beatitude Theoklitos. Thereafter, great interest has been shown and support has been provided by the Honorable Metropolitan of Etolia and Akarnania Mr. Kosmas, who has been declared unanimously by the Board of Directors, as Benefactor and Honorary President of the Workshop “PANAGIA ELEOUSA”.

The B’ Education Centre, in Agrinio (2nd km. of the National Road of Agrinio-Amfilochia). It was built in an area of 7,5 stremmata (Greek unit of land area), which was donated to the Workshop, for this specific reason, by the former member of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Christina Kitsopanou-Filou. It was built according to all the modern specifications, in order to cover all the needs of the people with disabilities, who come mainly from the north part of the Prefecture, as it was impossible for the service users, because of the long distance, to be served by the A’ Centre in Messolonghi.

New Education Centre of Daily Care - Nautical Sports-Environmental Centre, in Messolonghi (in the area of Messolonghi port). It was built in an area of 15.5 stremmata.
In the multipurpose facility of the Nautical Sports, a Day Care Service operates in its excellent infrastructure, which have been adjusted appropriately, provided that the number of the service users has increased and as a result the facilities of the seat in Messolonghi are not adequate. In the Nautical-Environmental Centre the camping program for the service users of the Workshop is implemented every year, after the end of the education year. The people with intellectual disability in this multipurpose facility, have their summer hodidays, do sports and enjoy the goods that they deserve with the provision of a comprehensive programme of athletic, entertaining, environmental and cultural activities, painting exhibition, traditional dances, theatre, choir etc. They part from their parents, they become autonomous with the 24hour empowerment of the employees of the Workshop. The facilities of the Workshop “PANAGIA ELEOUSA” have a total capacity of 230 people.   It is on the second floor of the Seat in Messolonghi, where nine people with disabilities reside that they lack parental care. 2nd Assisted Living Facility (SYD)- Boarding House “GEORGIOS A.TSOUTSOS” in Agrinio. It has been operating in Agrinio, since 01/11/2013, at a stretch of land of nine stremmata, a donation of the late Aspasia Karapapa and part of the land is a donation of Mrs. Nantina K. Filou. The erection of the building was done through the NSRF by the Region of Western Greece and nine people with disabilities reside there. The cost of operation of the two Facilities of Assisted Living is covered by the Operational Programme “Development of Human Resources 2007-2013” 

V. The Exhibition Rooms of the Workshop operate in Messolonghi (12 Athanasios Drosinis Street) and in Agrinio (9 Charilaos Trikoupis Street). They operate daily (times of shops’ operation) and in these shops there is a permanent exhibition of the handmade products, produced by the service users in the workshops of our Centre, which are sold there. The Exhibition Room in Messolonghi is owned by Drosineio Orphanage and it was granted free of any charge to our organization by the Holy Metropolis of Etolia and Akarnania.

VI. The Cultural Club and Counselling Centre. It has been in operation since 1991, in Agrinio (7 Charilaou Trikoupi Street). At the same place the Association “Friends, Parents and Volunteers” of the Workshop “PANAGIA ELEOUSA” is housed.

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Account Number of the NATIONAL BANK of Greece: 412/29612373, IBAN: GR5701104120000041229612373, Swift Code (BIC): ETHNGRAA in which the friends of the Workshop can deposit, if they wish, their potential donations after contacting the accounting department at the phone numbers: 0030 26310 26321 & 00302641039750.