Enrich Programs

A.    Aiming at the service users’ best possible ability to care for themselves and obtaining autonomy there are programmes implemented such as:
  • Maintenance of school knowledge
  • Special Education
  • Cooking-household
  • Oral  Hygiene and Individual Hygiene
  • Gymnastics
  • Psysiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy
  • Music therapy, Art-therapy
  • Therapeutical Horse riding
  • Social education
  • Summer camps
  • Environmental training      
B.     Cultural activities: Aiming at raising the awareness of the community, as well as the socialization and the social integration of the service users, there are in operation:
  • Theatrical Team-Theatrical plays
  • Choir
  • Folklore Team of traditional dances
  • Athletic activities: participation in the Special Olympics Games and in the National Athletic Federation of People with Disabilities
  • Participation in the National Anniversaries with parades
  • Programme of internships for the service users in the Exhibition rooms of the Workshop “PANAGIA ELEOUSA”
  • Organising educational trips
  • In addition, Conferences, Scientific Days open to the public are organised.  
The organization throughout its operation develops and participates in various scientific, cultural, recreational and sports activities aiming firstly at the development of social skills of the service users and on the other hand at informing and raising awareness of the public opinion for the acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities generating social integration prospects.    

We organize Special Days and Conferences, we publish a biannual magazine and an annual calendar, we participate in the Special Olympics, we implement European Community projects and we have transnational partnerships. Our young service users participate in groups of cultural activities, such as traditional dancing, theater and choir obtaining honorary awards.  

Our mission is the continuous improvement of the provided services and increasing the efficiency of all our actions aimed at the social integration and rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities.

The daily programme of the Workshop “PANAGIA ELEOUSA”
It is very demanding because: a) we have the responsibility of transferring 160 people with disabilities every morning from the door of their house to the Workshop and late at noon from the Workshop to their homes, b) we provide opportunities in the field of education and training, in the therapeutic programmes and in the cultural activities c)we provide them with their food, breakfast and lunch, which is very important nowadays because of the financial crisis d)individualized care and hygiene e) assisted living to the children that lack parental care and f) we claim the rights of the children and their families. The daily programme with all the above is difficult and demanding. The standards for quality of all the provided comprehensive services and activities of the Workshop “PANAGIA ELEOUSA” are set very high according to the 10 principles of EQUASS Excellence, which are the following:

Person Centered Approach,

Result Orientation and
Continuous Improvement.

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