imageThe establishment of the Workshop "PANAGIA ELEOUSA" 26 years ago, by Maria Tsoutsou, mother of George Tsoutsos, for young people with intellectual and related disabilities, is an indigenous, social work of sensitivity and love for our fellow humans with the wounded intelligence .

This endeavor was bold and ambitious. However, she managed with struggles to sensitize the local communities of our prefecture in disability issues, to convert the stigma, the suspicion and exclusion into acceptance, trust and solidarity.

Nowadays, we aim to maintain a distinct position in the Greek and European mainstream.

We continue our person-centered orientation by ensuring the respect and dignity of people with intellectual and related disabilities, by upgrading their life quality with innovative approaches and by the continuous improvement of the provided service, for a better future.

Our vision is the belief in principles, values, rights to human dignity and humane society.

With the help of the Church, the State and the Society, respecting the past, we continue unabated our struggle with ethics, credibility and sincerity proving that in this place there is solidarity, excess of love and humanity.

Dionysia Samanta
President of the Workshop “PANAGIA ELEOUSA”

imageI would like to welcome you to the Site, to this great achievement of technology and assure you that after browsing the site of children with "the Wounded intelligence", you will feel stronger, more confident and more Responsible for what happens in society.   For you it will be an unprecedented window to light. You will travel in a world of innocence, tenderness and purity. Through this journey you will have already shown your interest and you will have thought that our society needs harmony and Justice in order to become better.  

The Workshop "PANAGIA ELEOUSA" was the first Organisation that was created in the prefecture of   Etoloakarnania  in 1990 when there was no provision for children over 15 years old with intellectual and related disabilities.

Today 150 people are trained who are transferred every day in the morning, from door to door from almost all around the prefecture of Etoloakarnania with our own means of transport.
I would like to thank sincerely all the people who supported us with donations or with their attitude and their love. I believe that after 21 years of offer the Workshop "PANAGIA ELEOUSA", is a key component of Messolonghi and Agrinio cities community. I still believe that the childrens parents were relieved and literally breathed because they sought for help and found it in the Workshop "PANAGIA ELEOUSA", which provides education and care in a safe environment in order their children to grow, prosper, and taste the fruits of education and culture.

I hope that
"PANAGIA ELEOUSA" will continue to operate as a model centre for people with intellectual and related disabilities, kinetic disabilities, sensory impairments, speech disorders, slight psychiatric disorders, autism, Down Syndrome etc., over 15 years old from all around the prefecture of Etoloakarnania, who are trained free of any charge, after their graduation from the special primary school. This will happen if there is constant interest from:  
  The community, that is to say, the interest of each one, individually at moral and material level The State and The Church. However, it’s obvious that the state should bear the greatest responsibility.
Finally, I would like to express my warmest thanks to my friends, the ladies of the Board of Directors, who faced
courageously all the difficulties for 21 years, also to all the employees of the Organisation who abide with loyalty by the "Code of Values in Ethics", to the Association of Friends, Parents and Volunteers and to all the citizens who contributed decisively all together to the progress and development of the Workshop "PANAGIA ELEOUSA".

Founder-Honorary President and              
mother of George Tsoutsos


  • A day at the Workshop

    When I first went to the Workshop "PANAGIA ELEOUSA", the building, looking at it, from outside was very nice. I then went inside, there was a room and it had a lot of seats for the kids. Then I started visiting each department and all of them had something different, there was also a loom to weave. Then I visited all the other departments.
    When I first visited the place, I liked the facilities, the kids welcomed me happily. I like the department of ceroplastics very much, I will learn a lot more there.
    Every morning they come and pick me up outside my house by the centre`s bus, in the morning and at noon, too.
    At school, that`s what I call it, they take care of me and they love me very much, I like the fact that they have song, theater, fairy tales programs and I`m excited.

    By a service user
    from the ceroplastics department

  • The fifteen-member group of service users’ representatives was created with the aim of empowering the service users. The service users, are trained on the definition of difficult concepts in practice, such as representative, electoral process, etc. In the group, in the presence of the coordinator-psychologist, they learn to express the needs of all the service users, whom they represent, the wishes they may have, but also problems that may occur. The role of the facilitator/coordinator is to safeguard the discussion process so that everyone expresses themselves in turn for the part that concerns them and for the whole group. In addition, the service users are informed about their rights and obligations so that they can then disseminate this knowledge/information to their fellow service users. In addition, they raise awareness of social issues and values ​​that we all struggle for  together in our organisation, such as the value to the Human Being, the fight against "stigma" and the equal rights that all Humans have. In this way, they have the pleasure to participate in an event e.g. theatrical performance but also to understand why this is implemented. Moreover, they send to society their own message. The Board of Directors decided two service users from the 15 members of the representative group to attend every Annual General Assembly of "PANAGIA ELEOUSA". The Coordinator is: Ermioni Tsouma-psychologist. The 15-member Representative Group consists of: Katerina Dimopoulou, Anna Krithimou, Sotiris Zogopoulos, George Silevistas, Alekos Silevistas, Vangelis Kalfas, Angelos Kapnias, Nikolitsa Markoutsa, Maria Kladouha, Andreas Vlachopoulos, Nikos Golias, Maria Arvaniti, George Roussis, Stelios Kassos, Alexandra Tsakni.

  • The President and the members of the Board of Directors, the service users with intellectual and related disabilities and the employees of the Workshop of Special Vocational Education and Rehabilitation "PANAGIA ELEOUSA", Prefecture of Aetoloakarnania, Messolonghi - Agrinio, express our warmest congratulations to our service user, Yiannis Nikakis, who participated in the Special Olympics games in Los Angeles, USA and was awarded in the cycling race with the silver medal, with the help of the cycling team of Special Olympics coach, Mr. Apostolos Tsarkatoglou. We wish him and his family Health, Strength and to always enjoy such successes, which raise the quality of life indicator very high and make us all proud of our homeland and especially of "PANAGIA ELEOUSA" Workshop, indicating that the service users with special skills of our organisation, with appropriate training, can achieve high goals. We also congratulate the organizers of Special Olympics for their wonderful offer in the field of sports. With kind regards, the Board of Directors of the Workshop "PANAGIA ELEOUSA" and the Honorary President

  • In the context of the event “THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT AND THE LAKE FISH IN THE SERVICE OF ALTERNATIVE FORMS OF TOURISM AND EDUCATION”, organized by the Fisheries Cooperative "Renaissance of Messolonghi", the company Aqua Action and the Department of Biology of the University of Patras, the service users that participated from our organization in the fishing process were : Stelios Kassos, Christoforos Giannitselis, Costas Prentzas, Vivi Gida and Nikos Kavallieris accompanied by the employees: Dimitris Cheimariotis- Director, Marina Kassaveti-Social Worker and Katerina Zafeithiropoulou-Physiotherapist. At the end of the action a discussion followed on the participation of people with disabilities in such actions.

ΤΕΒΑ της Περιφέρειας Δυτικής Ελλάδας


We announce to all the friends of our Workshop that we accept food supplies (oil, cheese, pasta, evaporated milk, meat, minced meat, etc.) for the daily meals provided to the children. We also accept old rugs, blankets, sheets, new underwear for our young service users and furniture for the needs of both our residential facilities operating in Messolonghi and Agrinio cities. During this difficult financial situation that our country undergoes your offer is extremely welcome.  

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Account Number of the NATIONAL BANK of Greece: 412/29612373, IBAN: GR5701104120000041229612373, Swift Code (BIC): ETHNGRAA in which the friends of the Workshop can deposit, if they wish, their potential donations after contacting the accounting department at the phone numbers: 0030 26310 26321 & 00302641039750.